Here’s to a New day

Its hard to believe the holidays are over and we are in the New Year. As I look back over last year my heart is filled with wonder of all the gifts of spiritual and material things we received. You must understand we are coming out of years of lack and difficulty. But each day when I wake up now even before my feet hit the floor I express gratitude for where our family is at this time.

To see Gods work in our lives and know it’s nothing we did or deserve but just a gift of grace and peace. To truly experience  peace in your home in an interesting thing. I’ve been on the other side where I was so anxious , i couldnt keep still.

There is no magic formula that makes it happen. As we walk through difficult circumstances and try to learn how to respond I think that’s  the beginning.Think of times when you know God has done a mighty work on your behalf. If we can just stop and remember what that was like I think it helps so much.

I get  plenty of chances to talk with those who are struggling, most of the time I don’t have the answer but I know who does. I try to convey to them that it’s all about the changes we are willing to make in our own life even when the circumstances seems unfair.

To all those in my life who are so special and I’m so blessed to do life with you.

Making ministry out of your past misery

We have been dealing with several couples who are having marriage difficulties and we are feeling such pain for each one of them. On some level we can understand the pain they are in and just want to reach out.But I have learned you can’t help others  until they are ready to look past their pain and get to the core of their real issues.In the natural you want to call, text or just try to talk to them but we have to refrain and constantly pray for them.

it brings us much gratitude that we have weather serious adversities and stayed married and are in a great place. At one time it seemed impossible but here we are.

love those around you and pray for them.


Living a life of Joy

Today was a beautiful day outside and inside. After 2 guests coming to church with us Ed and I then went with Christina and Zach to Chrystal and Jeremy’s. It was the first time when Christina had seen their new home. It’s nice spending time with your grown kids who have established their homes and are happy.
The past few weeks I have done several things by myself that I used to do with Chrystal.i went to the pool alone . Then the big one was going to Target! Sounds silly I know but we’ve been going to Target together since she started shopping for college. But I survived.
God is placing new people in my life to spend time with and try to be an encouragement.
I’m so thankful for all the ones I can text, call and spend time with.

55 and an Empty Nester

Im 55 now and doing fine.. May was an awesome month. I turned 55 , Chrystal and Jeremy were married. It was a wonderful day .Now that the wedding is over it on to a new lifestyle at home. All 3 kids are out of the house now and doing well. I initally was concerned after Chrystal moved out that she would not need us but that has not been the case. She text or calls mostly every day. So im feeling fine and very grateful that our family is in a great place.

SO I went out the other day and saw these fabulous shoes so I bought them and I love them. So heres to being 55 and feeling like a milion bucks


Wedding day

Well the wedding was a huge success. Chrystal and I both felt it was surreal and we were watching someone else get married. My heart was overwhelmed with joy when I walked in the door of the church and saw friends from here, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Virginia.. My 3 brothers were here to celebrate with us and their families. I felt so blessed to be in this moment. I’m very happy for Chrystal and Jeremy but I will miss her so.

But life goes on, here’s to a bright future for Chrystal and Jeremy and new adventures